The Bitcoin price has already lost 15 percent of its value this weekend. The lowest value was reached $ 51,541 on Sunday. The second popular crypto currency Ether dropped 18 percent.

The total crypto market dipped below $ 2 trillion again, according to figures from This high value was reached at the beginning of April.

Bitcoin hit its all-time high of $ 65,869 last week. That was shortly before the American stock market debut of bitcoin exchange Coinbase. Price prediction Cryptocurrency Indonesia is popular.

The rally had started much earlier after automaker Tesla, payment company PayPal and the American bank Morgan Stanley accepted crypto coins as payment methods. As a result, a sharp price correction that has been predicted for some time did not materialize.

But nervousness among investors is on the rise again. That started on Friday with the news that Turkey will ban payments with crypto coins. In addition, there will be possible measures against the money laundering of digital assets that the US Treasury wants to take. Still others cite a major power outage in China as the cause. There, new bitcoin coins are created, for which a lot of power is required. Netherlands Cryptocurrency predictions is popular.

The question is whether the decline will continue. Until now, the price has been climbing steadily even after bad news. After yesterday’s correction, Bitcoin is still up 89 percent this year.